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Article Written By:
Johann Dowa

Open Source iOS Library For Displaying SVG Image Assets With Support For Interface Builder


Using vector assets can be a tremendous time saver with all the different iOS device sizes, and previously I mentioned a handy UIImageView category for easily using PDF image assets.

Here’s an open source library for parsing and displaying SVG Images  within your iOS apps that can be used like any UIImageView.

JAMSVGImage utilizes the IBDEsignable and IBInspectable keywords so it can support modification and previewing within interface builder.  Note that this behavior is not supported if you install JAMSVGImage with Cocoapods, but works fine if you drag the JAMSVGImage files into your project.

As the readme states the following SVG features are supported:

Shape Primitives:

– Circle
– Ellipse
– Rectangle
– Line
– Polyline
– Bezier Path
– Elliptical Arc

Shape Appearance:

– Fill Color (in hex “#xxxxxx” format)
– Fill Rules (evenodd)
– Stroke Color (in hex “#xxxxxx” format)
– Gradient Fill
– Stroke Weight
– Line Dashes
– Line Join/Cap (Butt/Round/Miter)
– Opacity
– Affine Transformations

SVG Document Properties:


An image from the readme showing some SVG images using JAMSVGImage being resized in interface builder:


You can find JAMSVGImage on Github here.

An excellent library for working with SVG images.


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