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Open Source iOS Library Allowing You To Easily Detect App Frame Rate Drops

Early last year I mentioned a handy library allowing you to chart an app’s fps within the status bar area.

Here’s an interesting library from Kevin Conner that makes it easy to track any frame rate drops when running your apps called KMCGeigerCounter.

KMCGeigerCounter provides an on-screen framerate meter showing how many frames have been dropped and drawn within the last second and changes color if there is a big frame rate drop, you’ll also be able to hear any frames dropping through different audio cues so you can easily tell if your app is running completely smooth.

As the readme states:

If you’re not consistently animating smoothly, you’ll hear a rough, staticky noise.
If your app runs at a smooth 60 fps, you’ll hear the occasional drops to 59 and 58.
You can even hear dropped frames from CPU spikes, like when custom table view cells enter the screen and require layout.

You can find KMCGeigerCounter on Github here.

A nice tool for checking to see whether an app is really animating smoothly.