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Mac Tool For Generating Code From JSON Data Supporting Swift (NSJSONSerialization And SwiftyJSON)

Earlier this year I mentioned the SwiftyJSON library for working with JSON data in Swift.

Here’s an open source Mac tool written in Swift that makes it easy to convert  JSON data into code with support for Swift using NSJSONSerialization or SwiftyJSON and Java for Android.

The conversion is automatic, and you can preview all the different classes in nice interface, and include constructors. utility methods, both or none.

As stated in the realm the generated code can include:

A constructor wich accepts an instance of NSDictionary, JSON, JSONObject instance depending on the file language, and the class will use this object to fill its properties data.
A utility method which converts the class data into a dictionary again

A screenshot I took showing JSONExport in action with data from the Twitter API writing some SwiftyJSON code:


You can find JSONExport on Github here.

A nice open source tool or working with JSON data.