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Open Source Library For Creating Objective-C Playgrounds

The excellent playground feature in Xcode 6 provides a great way to create interactive programming examples, but unfortunately only works with Swift.

Here’s a library submitted by Krzysztof Zablocki providing an extensive feature set for creating Playgrounds in Objective-C called KZPlayground.

Some of the features of KZPlayground as stated in the readme include:

– Faster than Swift playgrounds (a lot)
– Extra controls for tweaking:
– Adjustable values
– Auto-animated values
– Buttons
– IDE agnostic, once you run it, you can modify the code even from vim.
– Full iOS simulator and access to all iOS features, so you can prototype production ready code.
– Nice DSL for rapid prototyping
– CocoaPods support, so you can add it to existing projects to experiment
– Open source, anyone can contribute to make them better!

An example project is included.

This video presentation from Krzysztof provides a great introduction to KZPlayground:

You can find KZPlayground on Github here.

A great library for making interactive programming examples.