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Article Written By:
Johann Dowa

Open Source iOS Color Picker Component With Support For Favorites, Textures And More


I’ve metioned a number of color pickers in the past, but unfortunately it looks like most of the projects have been abandoned. Here’s a new color picker submitted by Jeff Johnson called DRColorPicker that has many nice unique features such as favorites, a color wheel, recent colors, pick by hue and support for imported images as colors.

The features as stated in the readme include:

Supports any resolution, portrait and landscape, and works on iPhone and iPad
Allows favorite colors, recent colors, colors by hue, color wheel or import of texture
Color wheel shows the RGB color and allows changing the color by typing an RGB value
Alpha of color can be changed
State is saved and loaded automatically to / from a JSON file, textures are saved to files
Textures can be stored in JPEG 2000 (default) or PNG
Texture de-duplication ensures that only one version of each texture is stored
Favorites can be managed by long-tapping on a color
Imports colors from the NEO Color Picker automatically
Localized into most languages

Here are a couple of images showing off the color picker and favorites feature:


You can find DRColorPicker on Github here.

An excellent color picker component.


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