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Extensive iOS 8 Source Code Collection Covering Metal, Custom Filters, HealthKit And More

With the release of iOS 7 I mentioned the iOS 7 sampler an extensive collection of source code examples on new features added with iOS 7.

Shuichi Tsutsumi, the same developer who released the iOS 7 sampler has now released the iOS 8 sampler which you can expect to grow and be updated over time, but already includes many different examples.

Here’s an explanation for most of the code samples currently included:

Audio Effects – distortion and delay
New core image filter previews
Custom Core Image filters using CIKernel
A Basic Metal Example showing how to render a set of cubes
Metal uniform streaming example
Rendering 2D images on a 3D scene with SceneKit
Example showing how to fetch all HealthKit data available
Invoking Touch ID using local authentication
Visual Effects – UIBlur Effect and UIVibrancyEffect
Browsing with WKWebView
Displaying action sheets and alerts with UIAlertController
Local Notifications with UIUSerNotificationSettings
Using the pedometer API
Playing media with AVKit
Creating histograms from images
Generating Aztec Code and 128 barcodes
An example showing off newly available fonts
Using UIPopoverControllerPesenter

You can find the iOS 8 Sampler on Github here.

A great collection of iOS code samples.