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Open Source iOS Component For Customizable Action Sheets Without UIAlertController Limitations

I’ve mentioned a number of components that simplify the syntax of creating an action sheets, and with iOS 8 Apple has added UIAlertController which greatly simplifies the syntax when compared to UIActionSheet and UIAlertView, but there are some added limitations.

Here’s a custom up-to-date action sheet component from Jonas Gessner that allows users to create action sheets with a number of extra features well beyond standard UIAlertController and allows you to avoid some of the UIAlertController limitations.

Some of the features added by JGActionSheet include:

Unlimited content (thanks to built-in scrolling)
Multiple sections
Support for custom views within your action sheets
The ability to place views precisely in a view on iPad with arrows pointing like a popover

Here are a couple of images from the readme showing JGActionSheet in action:


You can find JGActionSheet on Github here.

A great highly customizable popover component.