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Example: Source Code Release To Popular iOS RTS Game Warfare Incorporated

As you may know I have been maintaining lists of open source iOS apps, and open source iOS games for about 5 years.

Here’s an iOS  source code release to the fantastic Warfare Incorporated RTS game called Hostile Takeover from Spiffcode.

As the readme states:

Hostile Takeover is the open source release of the wildly popular mobile Real Time Strategy game Warfare Incorporated. Warfare Incorporated’s developers, grateful for all the contributions of the open source community, are delighted to give something back.

As far as I can tell this is the source code to Warfare Incorporated modified to use the included server rather than the Warfare Incorporated servers, and is BSD licensed.

A screenshot showing Warfare incorporated in action:

Warefare Incorporated

You can find the Hostile Takeover source code on Github here.

You can find Warfare Incorporated on the App Store.

A great example for those looking to build a real-time strategy game.

Thanks to Nathan for the submission.