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Article Written By:
Johann Dowa

Tool: iPad App Providing A Full IDE For Working On Your Xcode Projects Remotely (W/Compilation)


Previously I mentioned an app called Codea that allows you to develop games and simulations directly on your iPad using Lua.

Here’s an app providing an extensive development environment for the iPad even allowing you to develop (as you would with Xcode with full syntax highlighting, errors and warnings) and build your apps from your iPad and synching changes with your mac at home called Dringend from Peter Garnham.

For the remote compilation feature a provided server app runs on your Mac.

Here is a feature list taken from the App Store listing:

• Build and run your iOS projects on your iPad (Mac app, Dropbox account & registration as official iOS developer required to run project)
• Full syntax highlighting (including Logos support)
• Find and replace
• Auto-indentation
• Code structure list to view methods and pragma marks in files
• Additional keys to make accessing commonly used programming keys easier
• Project syncing with Dropbox
• Full keyboard dock and bluetooth keyboard support
• Import Xcode projects from Dropbox
• Export Xcode projects from iPad to Dropbox
• Import files from Dropbox
• Creating new Xcode projects from templates (same as in Xcode)
• Create new files from Xcode templates
• Delete, move and generally edit the Xcode project structure

A couple of screenshots showing the code editing and error/warning display:



And a video showing Dringend in action:

You can find Dringend on the App Store here.

You can read more about Dringend on the homepage.

A nice app if you are looking to do some remote programming with an iPad.


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