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Johann Dowa

Tool For In App Debugging Featuring View Modification, View Hierarchy Browsing And More


I’ve mentioned a number of tools for debugging user interfaces most recently the hierarchy detective tool that allows you to view your user interface hierarchy in 3d space.

Here’s an open source tool from Flipboard for in-app exploration and debugging called FLEX.   Flex provides many nice features including the ability to modify your running views, browse through the view hierarchy and  access live objects on the heap.

The features of Flex as stated in the readme include:

– Inspect and modify views in the hierarchy.
– See the properties and ivars on any object.
– Dynamically modify many properties and ivars.
– Dynamically call instance and class methods.
– Access any live object via a scan of the heap.
– View the file system within your app’s sandbox.
– Explore all classes in your app and linked systems frameworks (public and private).
– Quickly access useful objects such as [UIApplication sharedApplication], the app delegate, the root view controller on the key window, and more.
– Dynamically view and modify NSUserDefaults values.

Here’s an animation from the readme showing FLEX in action:


You can find FLEX on Github here.

A great tool for app debugging.


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