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Open Source iOS Library Providing Easy Image Downloading And Caching With A Priority Queue

Earlier this year I mentioned an interesting image caching library called Haneke.

Here’s another interesting open source image caching library with a nice and simple syntax, and queue management called SGImageCache from SeatGeek.

The queuing feature of SGImage allows you to prioritize your image fetching (with a slow and a fast queue for images) so you can pre-fetch images if desired without affecting the main thread. You can also cancel image fetching if desired.

Here’s an example from the readme showing the syntax for fetching an image with the fast queue:

// Objective-C
[SGImageCache getImageForURL:url thenDo:^(UIImage *image) {
    if (image) {
        self.imageView.image = image;

You can find SGImageCache on Github here.

A nice library for easy image downloading and caching.