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Open Source iOS Library Making It Easy To Integrate Your Apps With 1Password

Previously I mentioned an example showing how to use url schemes to integrate your app with the popular 1Password password management app.

Here’s an open source library from 1Password developer Agile Bits making it easy to add 1Password support within your apps called the 1Password App Extension.

The library allows users to: use their 1Password logins to automatically fill your login page, use the strong password generator to generate unique passwords during registration, and to login with 1 password.  In addition to native iOS UI support the extension can be used on interfaces running within a web.  Included with the library are examples of the extension being used on a native interface and a web-based interface.

Here’s a video showing the included iOS example app in action:

You can find the 1Password App Extension on Github here.

A nice easy way to add 1Password functionality into an app.