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Open Source iOS Library For Easy Youtube And Vimeo Video Playback And Thumbnail Image Gathering

Earlier this year I mentioned a full featured open source video component for playing videos with a fully customizable UI and subtitle support.

Here’s a library that allows you to easily play Youtube, and Vimeo links from a web page url (the library will grab the actual video automatically), and also common video file formats called YKMediaPlayerKit from Yas Kuraishi.

In addition to making it easy to play the videos YKMediaPlayerKit allows you to easily grab thumbnail images from different types of videos.  The library supports Youtube, Vimeo,  .MOV, .MPV, and .3GP videos.

This is a screenshot from the included example showing the thumbnail capturing capabilities of the library for different types of video:

You can find YKMediaPlayerKit on Github here.

A nice library for easily playing and gathering thumbnail images for videos.