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Open Source iOS Component For Creating Great Looking Custom Alert Views Made With Swift

I’ve mentioned a number of custom iOS alert view components, most recently AMSmoothAlert which features a clean style and nice popping animations.

Here’s an open source component created with Swift allowing you to create similarly styled alert views called SCLAlertView-Swift from Viktor Radchenko.

SCLAlertView-Swift features several different styles of alert for errors, notice, warning and info alerts and a very simple syntax.  You can customize the title, subtitle, and button text.

This example from the readme shows a custom alert view creation:

// Advanced
view: self, // Parent view controller
title: "Congratulations", // Title of view
subTitle: "Operation successfully completed.", // String of view
duration: kDefaultAnimationDuration, // Duration to show before closing automatically, default: 2.0
completeText: "Done", // Optional button value, default: ""
style: .Success // Styles - see below.

Here are a couple of images from the readme showing two different styles of alert views created with SCLAlertView-Swift:


You can clone SCLAlertView-Swift from the Github repository at:

You can find SCLAlertView-Swift on Github here.

A very nicely styled custom alert view.