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Johann Dowa

Example: Full Featured Chat App With A Great Interface Using Parse For The Backend


We’ve mentioned a number of nice chat example apps in the past few months most recently an example from Related Code showing how to create a chat app using Firebase for the backend and an  extensive project providing source code for a chat app along with an open source server called Spika.

Here’s another example chat app from RelatedCode this time using the Parse service for the backend.

Here are a list of features in the example taken from the readme:

Live chat between multiple devices
Multiple chatrooms
Dynamically add new chatrooms
Register/Login views
Facebook login
Basic Profile view is also included
Change profile picture possibility
No backend programming needed
Automatic online/offline detection and handle
Copy and paste messages
Dynamically resizes input text while typing
Native and easy to customize user interface
Send button is enabled/disabled automatically
Arbitrary message sizes
Data detectors (recognizes phone numbers, links and dates)
Timestamps possibilities
Hide keyboard with swipe down
Smooth animations
Send/Receive sound effects

You can find ParseChat on Github here.

A great chat app example.


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