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An Extensive Open Source iOS Library For Working With The Twitter API Written In Swift

Last week I mentioned a nice functional programming library for Swift inspired by Underscore.js.

Here’s a Twitter framework written in Swift from Matt Donelly called Swifter that provides a large number of features.

With Swifter authentication can done using Oauth or ACAccount, you can easily perform status updates, gather follower info, gather data on favorites, perform searches and more.

This example from the readme shows how easy it is to perform a status update:

swifter.postStatusUpdate("Hello, world", inReplyToStatusID: nil, lat: nil, long: nil, placeID: nil, displayCoordinates: nil, trimUser: nil, success: {
    json, response in
    // ...
    }, failure: {
    // ...

You can find Swifter on Github here.

A nice extensive framework for working with the Twitter API.