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Johann Dowa

Open Source iOS Library For UIDynamics Runtime Visualization And Introspection


I’ve mentioned a number of interesting resources demonstrating physics with UIKit dynamics such as this tutorial on creating a pong game,  a sliding view navigation library, and a set of examples for several common physics behaviors.

Here’s a library from Chris Miles allowing you to visualize UIKit Dynamics physics at runtime drawing a bounding box around all physical objects, and visualizing differeny physics behaviors.

Here is a set of videos demonstrating DynamicXray in action:

The features as stated in the homepage include:

Easy and controllable integration. Simply add the DynamicXray behavior to your dynamic animator.
All UIKit Dynamic behaviours are visualised, including collision boundaries.
Visually differentiate between springy and rigid attachment behaviours.
Push behaviours are visualised by arrows representing the location, magnitude and direction of the push force.
Snap behaviours are visualised by arrows showing where the item is snapping to.
Gravity behaviours are visualised by an overlay showing magnitude and direction.
All dynamic item bodies in the scene are visualised.
Any contacts between dynamic items and other items or collision boundaries are highlighted.
Configurable overlay cross fade control, fading between 100% application to 100% DynamicXray overlay.
Built-in configuration panel for user to control run-time options.

You can find DynamicXray over on the homepage.

A nice library for working with the UIDynamic API.


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