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Component Allowing You To Easily Display Images With A Parallax Effect In A UICollectionView

I’ve mentioned a number of components that make use of parallax effects most recently this control for creating sliding menus with background images in parallax, and this component allowing you to add a parallax effect to a UITableView.

Here’s an open source component submitted by Mayur Joshi that allows you to easily create a scrolling view with images displayed with a parallax effect called MJParallaxCollectionView.

MJParallaxColletionView provides custom collection view cells to display the images with the scrolling effect. You can tweak the effect by adjust the animation speed and height values. A full demo is included.

A quick demo video showing MJParallaxCollectionView in action:

You can find MJParallaxCollectionView on Github here.

A nice easy to use component for setting up a nice scrolling gallery with parallax effect.