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Open Source Component For Creating Paged iOS 7 Style Slide-In Menus That Zoom Out The Main View

With the visual changes in iOS 7 status bar this has brought about a new style of slide-in menu that zooms out the main view rather than sliding it to the side, and previously I mentioned the RESideMenu component that takes this approach.

Here’s an open source component for creating a similar style of menu called PHAirViewController, but with some different features called PHAirViewController inspired by the Airbnb app.

With PHAirViewController you can create menus that slide in, and zoom out on the main view with support for multiple pages of menus, and swiping between those pages, menu selections are highlighted, and the component can be used within storyboards.

There are also very slick animations when choosing between the different views which update on the zoomed out view as you scroll through selections.

Here’s a video showing PHAirViewController in action:

You can find PHAirViewController on Github here.

A very nice  iOS 7 style slide-in menu control.