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Handy Objective-C Library Allowing You To Trace All Method Calls To A Class

Previously I mentioned the excellent Xcode Injection plugin from John Holdsworth allowing runtime code injection.

Here’s another great tool from John that comes in the form of a library called Xtrace that lets you see exactly what is happening with a class.

Xtrace allows you to easily log all method calls to a class or a particular class instance and return values sent.

Xtrace is easy to use you simply need to import the library (full details on the Github page) and run it with [classname xtrace] or [instancename xtrace].

There are also a number of other handy features such as the ability to filter out specific methods using a regular expression, and an example project is included.

You can find Xtrace on Github here.

A very nice library for tracking exactly what is happening to a class.