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Xcode Plugin That Allows You To Automatically Extend Xcode Code Snippets With A Git Repository

I’ve mentioned a number of handy Xcode plugins, most recently a plugin that automatically hides the debugger window.

Here’s an Xcode plugin submitted by Arnaud Coomans called ACCodeSnippetRepositoryPlugin that allows you to seamlessly integrate the Xcode code snippets library with a Git repository.

The snippets can be synchronized automatically, the plugin allows you to easily fork a remote repository, and automatically adds the snippets directly into Xcode.

Here’s an image from the readme showing the interface for the ACCCodeSnippetRespoitoryPlugin when adding a remote repository:


You can find ACCodeSnippetRepositoryPlugin on Github here.

A nice easy way to extend your Xcode snippets library.

Thanks to Arnaud for the submission.

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