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Tutorial: Make A Flappy Birds Style Game With Cocos2D Objective-C And The SpriteBuilder Tool

Some time ago I mentioned a nice tutorial on how to create a simple Cocos2D game using CocosBuilder unfortunately updates on the CocosBuilder tool have ended.

Here’s a tutorial by Benjamin E. that goes through step-by-step building a Flappy Birds Clone for Cocos2D V3 using the free SpriteBuilder tool.

For those unfamiliar with SpriteBuilder, SpriteBuilder is an evolution of the CocosBuilder tool built from the CocosBuilder source code with many added features, support for Cocos2D V3 (Objective-C version), but without support for the other Cocos2D variations such as the HTML5 (Cocos2D-Html5) and C++ (Cocos2D-X) versions of Cocos2D.

An image from the tutorial showing the Flappy Bird game you’ll be building:

Flappy Bird Tutorial

To complete the tutorial you’ll need to install SpriteBuilder which can be found on the Mac App Store.

You can find the tutorial over on the Make Games With Us blog.

A fun way to learn how to make a game with Cocos2D and SpriteBuilder.