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Johann Dowa

Flappy Bird Source Code Example: Create A Flappy Bird Game With Sprite Kit

A couple of days ago I mentioned a nice tutorial using SpriteBuilder and Cocos2D 3.0 to create a Flappy Bird like game.

Here are a couple of Flappy Bird source code examples built using SpriteKit that were submitted after posting that tutorial.

The first example, SprityBird has nice clean code and was built to be used as a base for scrolling games using SpriteKit.

Here’s an animation from the readme showing SprityBird in action:


You can find the SprityBird example on Github here.

The second example submitted by Sam Keene called BouncyBrick shows how you can create a SprityBird game mechanic with only 150 lines of code with an emphasis on mimicking the exact physics of the real Flappy Bird game.

You can find BouncyBrick on Github here, and a code walkthrough is available on the Sdkboy site.

Some fun examples for learning more about the SpriteKit framework.

Thanks to Sam and Laurent for the submissions.

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