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Article Written By:
Johann Dowa

iOS Library With An Easy Unified API For Child View, Modal View, And Navigation Transitions


I’ve mentioned a number for resources for utilizing the iOS 7 view transitioning API such as this library providing a number of transitions.

Here’s a library from Stepan Hruda with the goal of providing a unified syntax for child view transitions, modal view controller transitions, and navigation controller transitions.

STPTransitions provides a nice blocks based way to create transitions in-line or you can subclass STPTransition to keep the transition code out of your view controllers.

There are also some other neat features such as the capability to easily which transition to use when reversing a transition and ending transitions if when a gesture is detected if desired.

This code snippet from the read me shows how easy it is to create a transition with STPTransitions in-line:

STPTransition *snazzyTransition = [STPTransition transitionWithAnimation:
^(UIView *fromView,
UIView *toView,
UIView *containerView,
void (^executeOnCompletion)(BOOL finished)) {
// Your fabulous animations go here

You can also subclass STPTransition to keep your view controller code nice and clean.

You can find STPTransitions on Github here.

A nice syntax for creating different types of transitions.


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