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Johann Dowa

Extremely Easy To Use Open Source iOS Image Caching Library For Faster Scrolling


Previously I mentioned a library called FastImageCache that provides caching features to greatly increase the speed of image rendering in iOS apps.

Here’s an open source library from Hermes Pique that provides a lightweight image cache, and one key difference between Haneke with the key difference between Haneke and other libraries is that it is much easier to use.

Haneke does everything in the background requiring no configuration to set an image you simply need to use:

[imageView hnk_setImageFromFile:path];

Here is a complete list of features of Haneke as stated in the read me:

– First-level memory cache using NSCache.
– Second-level LRU disk cache using the file system.
– Asynchronous and synchronous image retrieval.
– Background image resizing and file reading.
– Thread-safe.
– Automatic cache eviction on memory warnings or disk capacity reached.
– Preloading images from the disk cache into memory on startup.
– Zero-config UIImageView category to use the cache, optimized for UITableView and UICollectionView cell reuse.

Here’s an image showing the include Haneke example in action:

You can find Haneke on Github here.

A nice library if you’re looking for a very easy to use way to speed up image loading in your UITableViews and UICollectionViews.


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