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Article Written By:
Johann Dowa

An Objective-C HTML And XML Parsing Library With CSS Selector And Xpath Support And More


Previously I mentioned the IGHTMLQuery library inspired by NokoGiri and JQuery allowing you to query HTML by XPath and chain commands.

Here’s a Nokogiri inspired open source HTML and XML parsing library from Mattt Thompson called Ono with a nice set of features.

Some of the features of Ono include:

– Support for queries using XPath & CSS selectors
– Easy access of attributes by name
– Easy date conversion, and access to date information
– Support for namespaces
– Blocks based callbacks for query results
– Error handling

Here’s an example from the readme showing how to create an Xpath query:

[document enumerateElementsWithXPath:@"//Content" block:^(ONOXMLElement *element) {
NSLog(@"%@", element);

You can find Ono on Github here.

A nice very nice library for pasing HTML.


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