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Xcode 5 Compatible Version Of Excellent Code Navigation Plugin Code Pilot Released

It was over a year ago when I first mentioned the excellent Xcode project searching/navigation tool called CodePilot from MacoScope when version 3.0 was made free.

There were a few issues when running CodePilot 3.0 with Xcode 5, and the CodePilot team has decided to release the new CodePilot as open source, and it now operates with Xcode 5.

If you’re unfamiliar with code pilot, it provides quick searching through all files within your project providing a listing of ranked search results based upon a search term, and allows you to quickly navigate to a search result if desired.

As the readme states:

Code Pilot is a plugin for Xcode 5 that allows you to quickly find files, methods and symbols within your project without the need for your mouse. It uses fuzzy query matching to compute a list of results sorted by their relevancy. With just a few keystrokes you can jump to the method you’re looking for.

And here’s an image from the readme showing the CodePilot interface in action:


You can download CodePilot from the repository on Github here.

You can also find an interesting read as to why CodePilot was developed, and eventually made free, and now open source over on the Macoscope blog.

Re-added to our Xcode plugin listing.