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Open Source iOS Pie Chart Creation Library With Animations On Color And Value Changes

I’ve mentioned some excellent easy to use charting libraries in the past few months such as JBChartView for line and bar charts and JYRadarChart for radar charts.

Here’s a library called MagicPie from Graschenkov that allows you to easily create great looking pie charts called MagicPie. The key difference between MagicPie and most other pie chart libraries is that the charts can be animated and interactive. The animations can be done on color and value changes.

Animations are done very easily, you simply need to called the animated changes method with values in a block as shown in this example from the readme:

PieElement* pieElem = pieLayer.values[0];
[PieElement animateChanges:^{
    pieElem.val = 13.0;
    pieElem.color = [UIColor yellowColor];

And here are a couple of images from the readme showing some MagicPie pie charts in action:


You can find MagicPie on Github here.

A library allowing you to make some great looking animated pie charts.