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Article Written By:
Johann Dowa

Library Allowing You To Easily Add Social Network Based Authentication Into Your iOS Apps


I’ve mentioned a number of libraries for utilizing a user’s social accounts in your apps such as ShareKit which  supports many social networks and over time Apple has provided their own APIs for social sharing with a few networks.

Social accounts also make a great way to authenticate users.  Here’s a library that allows you to use  add authorization based on social accounts within your app called SimpleAuth from Caleb Davenport.

This example from the readme shows how easy it is to use SimpleAuth – first you need to configure a provider:

// Somewhere in your app boot process
SimpleAuth.configuration[@"twitter"] = @{
@"consumer_key" : @"KEY",
@"consumer_secret" : @"SECRET"

And set up your authorization method:

// Authorize
- (void)loginWithTwitter {
[SimpleAuth authorize:@"twitter" completion:^(id responseObject, NSError *error) {
NSLog(@"%@", responseObject);

Currently supported by SimpleAuth are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Meetup and Tumblr.

You can find SimpleAuth on Github here.

A nice easy way to add authorization using social accounts.


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