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Article Written By:
Johann Dowa

An Open Source Helper Library Simplifying The Use Of NSFileManager On iOS Devices


A couple of years ago I mentioned a nice tutorial on the basics of using NSFileManager and NSCoding for saving and reading files.

Here’s an NSFileManager helper library submitted by Fabio Caccamo called FCFileManager.

FCFileManager simplifies performing the most common tasks that you’ll likely find yourself using the file manager.

As the readme states FCFileManager features:

– Build paths relative to absolute directories (FCFileManager works by default in the Documents directory, so you must build absolute paths only if you need to work outside of the Documents directory)
– Copy files
– Create files
– Check if files exist
– List files (filtered by extension) or directory content
– Move files
– Read files content as: NSArray, NSData, NSDictionary, NSString…
– Remove files or directory content
– Rename files
– Write files
– Directories are created on the fly
– Error handling as using NSFileManager

You can find FCFileManager on Github here.

Thanks to Fabio for the submission.


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