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Johann Dowa

Large Open Source Collection Of Computer Science Algorithms In Objective-C


EKAlgorithms is a handy project providing a wide collection of common computer science algorithms.   Great if you’re learning objective-c, or just find yourself needing an algorithm and want to save some time.

Submitted by Evgeny Karkan EKAlgorithms is growing and currently includes a wide variety of sort, array, string, number, algorithms, and a large collection of data structures.

As the readme states EKAlgorithms includes:


– Index of maximum element in array.
– Find longest string in array of strings.
– Find shortest string in array of strings.
– Array reverse.
– Intersection of two arrays.
– Union of two arrays (with remove duplicates).
– Find duplicates.
– Array with N unique/not unique random objects.


– Linear search.
– Binary search.

– Bubble sort.
– Shell sort.
– Merge sort.
– Quick sort.
– Insertion sort.
– Selection sort.


– Palindrome or not.
– String reverse.
– Words count.
– Permutations of string.
– Occurrences of each character (a – z).
– Count needles in a haystack.
– Random string.


– Sieve of Eratosthenes.
– Great common divisor (GCD).
– Least common multiple (LCM).
– Factorial.
– Fibonacci numbers.
– Sum of digits.
– Binary to decimal conversion.
– Decimal to binary conversion.
– Fast exponentiation.
– Number reverse.
– Even/odd check.
– Data structures
– Stack (LIFO).
– Queue (FIFO).
– Deque.
– Linked list.
– Graph
– DFS (depth-first search);
– BFS (breadth-first search).
– Binary search tree (BST).

You can find EKAlgorithms on Github here.

Thanks to Evegny for the submission.


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