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Johann Dowa

Library For Easily Creating UITableView Cells With Customizable Swipe-To-Reveal Buttons

I’ve mentioned a few libraries allowing you create UITableView cells with swipe to reveal buttons in the iOS 7 Mail application, most recently MSCMoreOptionTableViewCell and RMSWipeTableVIewCell.

Here’s a library called SWTableViewCell from Christopher Wendel that allows you to take the swipe to reveal buttons concept a step further than the previously mentioned libraries with some easy options for customization.

With SWTableViewCell you can easily create custom buttons that are revealed with both left or white swipes with custom colorization, and custom icons, and custom titles.

Here’s an animation from the readme showing SWTableViewCell in action:



You can find SWTableViewCell on Github here.

A nice library for implementing swipe to reveal UITableViewCell buttons.

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