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iOS Library For Creating Slick Number Transitions Like Android’s Timely Clock App

Some time ago I mentioned an opens source library for creating flipping numbers in a style used by old clock radios and many clock apps.

On Android there is a popular clock app known as Timely that features unique transitions between numbers utilizing bezier paths.

Matt Foley has created a library called MFLFoldingColock inspired by these transitions that allows you to display numbers that change with same transition style.

You can customize properties to create different animations, customize the color and line thickness, and more.

Here’s a video showing MLFoldingClock in action with different transition settings (I like the transition of the middle number best):

You can find MLFoldingClock on Github here.

You can find the original article with some Java code that MFLFoldingClock is based on over on Sriram Ramani’s blog.

A very slick number transition.