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iOS 7 Source Code Examples Covering UI Kit Dynamics And More

Here’s a nice set of iOS 7 source code examples covering a number of the more popular new features in the iOS SDK called iOS 7 Sampler.

These examples cover:

– UI Kit Dynamics (UIDynamicAnimator, UICollisionBehavior, UIDynamicItemBehavior, UIGravityBehavior)
– Sprite Kit basics (SKView, SkScene, SKSPriteNode, SKAction)
– Speech Synthesis (AVSpeechUtterance, AVSpeechSynthesizer)
– Custom Transitions (UIViewControllerAnimatedTransitioning, UIViewControllerTransitioningDelegate)
– 3D Maps (MKMapCamera)
– Creating static map snapshots (MKMapSnapshotOptions, MKMapSnapshotter)
– Smile Detection (CIDetectorSmile)
– Requesting and drawing map directions (MKPolylineRenderer, MKDirections, MKDirectionsResponse)
– Using the new Airdrop, Flicker, Vimeo and Reading list UIActivity features
– Parallax Motion Effects (UIMotionEffect)

A screenshot from the readme showing a list of some of the available examples:
iOS 7 Sampler

You can find iOS 7 Sampler on Github here.

A nice set of examples.