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Article Written By:
Johann Dowa

Tool: A Full Featured Premium Github Client For iPhone


I mention a lot of Github projects on this site, and am always looking at different clients available especially when mobile.

Here’s an awesome premium Github client for iPhone called iOctoCat submitted by Dennis Reiman. If you’re looking for a full-featured app for working with Github on your iPhone you should definitely check it out.

As the App Store description states:

*** News and Activity Feeds ***
• The latest events of repositories you watch and users you follow

*** Notifications ***
• Your personal notifications about commits, issues and pull request
• iOS push notifications for your GitHub notifications (you can enable them on a per account basis)

*** Repositories ***
• Quick access to your private and public repos plus the ones on your star- and watchlist
• See the code and recent commits of the different branches, the README, issues and forks
• Code viewer with lots of nice themes, so you can see the code in all of its beauty
• Of course you can or watch and star repositories

*** Commits ***
• Detailed information about the files that were added, removed and modified
• Browse the changes of the modified files viewing colored diffs
• And yes, you can comment on commits

*** Issues and Pull Requests ***
• View open and closed issues and pull requests
• Open new issues, edit existing ones or close the ones you fixed
• Merge pull requests on the go
• Issue and pull request discussion/commenting
• List of issues across your repositories

*** User and Organization Profiles ***
• Profiles include repositories, gists, followings and organizations/members
• Follow users

*** Gists ***
• Access to your public, private and starred gists
• Browse them the same way you can explore repositories
• Of course you can comment on gists, too

*** Search ***
• Look up users and repositories

*** Multiuser and GitHub Enterprise ***
• Use the app with multiple GitHub accounts
• Support for your companies GitHub Enterprise installation

These are the major features, plus lots more and counting. The project itself is open source software too and is rapidly improved with new feature additions as the GitHub API gets extended.

Here are some more niceties:

• Username, issue, and emoji completion (as seen on GitHub)
• Get notified about GitHub status warnings
• Open almost every URL in iOctocat, by prefixing it with ioc:// instead of https://
• 1Password integration (can be used when adding an account)


Here are a few screen shots showing iOctocat in action:


If you have checked out iOctocat in the past you may want to check it out again as it’s just been updated to V2, and many new features have been added.

You can find iOctoCat v2.0 on the iTunes App Store here.

A great tool for keeping up with your Github projects on the go.


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