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Johann Dowa

Open Source UITableView Management Library That Makes Working With Custom Cells Easier


I’ve mentioned a number of great open source projects released by Roman Efimov most recently the iOS 7 inspired zooming menu control RESideMenu.

Here’s another nice library called RETableViewManager from Roman. RETableViewManager makes it very easy to set up custom table views and custom cells, and map your objects to those custom cells.

There’s also a wide variety of included custom components included.

Here is a set of images showing RETableViewManager in action from the readme:


And here’s a source code example from the readme showing how easy it is to set up a basic tableview with RETableViewManager:

- (void)viewDidLoad
    [super viewDidLoad];

    // Create the manager and assign a UITableView
    _manager = [[RETableViewManager alloc] initWithTableView:self.tableView];

    // Add a section
    RETableViewSection *section = [RETableViewSection sectionWithHeaderTitle:@"Test"];
    [manager addSection:section];

    // Add a string
    [section addItem:@"Just a simple NSString"];

    // Add a basic cell with disclosure indicator
    [section addItem:[RETableViewItem itemWithTitle:"String cell" accessoryType:UITableViewCellAccessoryDisclosureIndicator selectionHandler:^(RETableViewItem *item) {
        NSLog(@"Test: %@", item);

    // Custom items / cells
    _manager[@"CustomItem"] = @"CustomCell";

    [section addItem:[CustomItem item]];

You can find RETableViewManager on Github here.

A great library for wokring with UITableView’s.


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