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Free Photoshop Actions And Automator Workflows For Easier iPhone/iPad App And Icon Design

Some time ago I mentioned a handy Mac app that allows you to preview Photoshop designs on an iOS device automatically from Bjango.

Here’s a handy collection  of Photoshop actions, Automator workflows and scripts released by Bjango.

This collection makes working with Photoshop easier especially if you’re working on iPhone or iPad app and icon design.

Here’s a brief summary of some the features added through these actions and Automator scripts (there’s a lot more handy actions included):

– Enable/Disable Pixel Snapping
– New document creation actions specifically for iPhone/iPad app design
– Global light changes that adhere to the HIG
– Color blindness testing
– Automatic document scaling to app icon sizes
– Add 88/176px to the bottom of a document for the iPhone 5

You can download the actions through Github here, and read more details about the actions on the Bjango web site.

A nice collection of Photoshop time savers for app design.

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