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Component Providing A Rich Text Editing View With Extra Buttons For Formatting

I’ve mentioned several resources for creating rich text such as this library allowing you to create rich text with stylesheets and an HTML syntax and a tutorial on the basics of using core text for magazine style formatting.

I’ve also mentioned components for creating views with rich text before, but here’s one that takes things up another notch called RichTextEditor-IOS by Aryan Ghassemi.

In addition to providing a view wish some rich text editing features RichTextEditor-iOS adds extra buttons and selectors above the keyboard on both iPhone and iPad for choosing the font style, type, colors, alignment and more.

Here are screenshots showing RichTextEditor-iOS in action on iPad and iPhone from the readme:

RichTextEditor iPad
RichTextEditor iPhone

You can find RichTextEditor-iOS on Github here.

A nice component if you’re looking to add rich text editing into an app.