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Johann Dowa

Open Source Library For Easily Turning A Map And Locations To An Augmented Reality View

I’ve mentioned the free full featured augmented reality SDK from Qualcomm, and I also mentioned the 3DAR library (free with branding) that provides a way to turn your MKMapView’s into augmented 3D reality views.

Here’s an open source library from Promet that provides an easy way to create augmented reality video views with location based overlays based on a map view plus annotations.

The library also provides an easy way to store the locations within a database, and an interface for parsing data stored within a Drupal site.

Here’s a set of images from the readme showing PRAugmentedReality in action:


And here’s a video showing the DrupalCon social mobile AR app that uses PRAugmentedReality in action:

You can find PRAugmentedReality on Github here.

Be sure to read the instructions on how to install from the Wiki or use CocoaPods.

A nice easy way to create augmented reality views.

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