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Open Source iOS Wrapper For Easily Gathering Weather Data From Free API

Weather apps have been a staple in the App Store since the beginning, and from time to time, and previously I mentioned a guide on how to get real-time weather data using the Google Weather API which no longer operates.

Here’s a wrapper for a newer free weather API called the OpenWeatherMap. OpenWeatherMap allows you to gather current weather, along with 5 and 14 day weather forecasters, and a number of weather maps – for free.

Adrian Bak has released an iOS OpenWeatherMap wrapper called OpenWeatherMapAPI that makes it very easy to gather current weather and forecasts for a specific city or coordinate.

Here’s an image showing the example project included with OpenWeatherMapAPI in action:


You can find OpenWeatherMapAPI on Github here, and get your API key for OpenWeatherMap from the official site here.

You will need to use Cocoapods to install all dependencies for the OpenWeatherMapAPI.

A nice easy way to gather weather data.