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Article Written By:
Johann Dowa

Nifty iPhone App Allowing You To Turn Hand Drawn App Mockups Into Interactive Prototypes

Even with all the great tools out there for creating app mockups it is tough to beat a pencil and paper.

Here’s an iPhone app that makes it easy to take a hand drawn wireframe  — or any set of images and turn it into an interactive prototype called POP – Prototyping On Paper.

POP works by allowing you to:

1.  Take pictures of your prototype pages, and organizing those pages.
2. Make your prototype interactive mapping out clickable areas on those images, and which view should load when an area is clicked
3. Running the prototype in full screen.

Here’s a few screenshots from the App Store description illustrating how POP works:

Prototyping On Paper

You can find POP – Prototyping On Paper and download it free on the App Store here.

You’re limited to the number of prototypes you can create – but simply registering your e-mail address allows you to store many more prototypes.

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