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Article Written By:
Johann Dowa

Library Allowing You To Emulate The iOS 7 Home Screen Image Parallax Tilt Effect

One of the interesting features of iOS 7 that has been widely talked about on various tech sites is the tilt based parallax effect of the home screen that adds depth to the user interface.

Here’s a submission from Arnaud Coomans providing an Objective-C library that allows you to easily recreate this effect using your own image.

With the library you can fine tune how the image reacts to tilt, set up a delegate to run code when the parallax effect starts/ends, and automatically refocus the parallax view.

Here’s an animation from the readme showing the example in action:

iOS 7 Parallax Emulation


You can find Parallax on Github here.

Definitely a nifty effect for adding depth to an app.  Thanks to Arnaud for the submission.

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