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Johann Dowa

Free Tool For Automatically Optimizing Image Size Within An iOS App Bundle

I’ve mentioned a couple of excellent resources to help with shrinking app size by reducing the images within such as Unused, a tool that automatically indicates unused images within an Xcode project.

Here’s another excellent tool submitted by Oliver Michalak for reducing image sized called Wasted.

Wasted analyzes images within an iOS app package (either in a specified IPA file or one found within your iTunes library), smart convert or recompresses the images within the bundle, or export the optimized images.

As the Wasted homepage states:

WASTED extracts IPA or XARCHIVE bundles temporarily and performs the following steps without changing your APP.

– looking for completely opaque PNG files and converts them to 90% JPGs
– PNG with (partial) transparency will be re-quantified using pngquant: the colors will be reduced and the data re-compressed, keeping the image quality between 90% or above
– JPG files will be re-compressed to 90% image quality

You can download Wasted from the home page here.

A nice automatic tool for reducing image size within an app bundle.

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