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Johann Dowa

AFNetworking Extension Using The Mantle Modeling Framework For Working With RESTful Services

Previously I mentioned an excellent open source Objective-C modeling framework called Mantle featuring JSON encoding and minimal boiler plate code that makes a great alternative to Core Data in many situations.

Recently I received an e-mail from Guillermo Gonzalez about an AFNetworking extension that he’s written for developers that utilizes Mantle making it easy to interact with REST services, and map responses into Mantle model objects.

As stated by Guillermo in his email:

Overcoat is an AFNetworking extension that makes it super simple for developers to use Mantle model objects with a REST client.

In Overcoat, server API requests are defined by instances of the OVCQuery class. Using OVCQuery you can specify an HTTP method, a path that identifies the resource, a set of parameters, and a model class.

Servers typically respond to client API request with a dictionary or an array of dictionaries. Overcoat will transparently map those into model objects in a background queue.

Overcoat also features a special client class which can authenticate API requests using an ACAccount object on supported social networking services (currently Twitter, Facebook, and Sina Weibo).

You can find Overcoat on Github here.

A great combo (Overcoat/Mantle/AFNetworking) for working with REST APIs.

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