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Johann Dowa

Library Allowing You To Send Push Notifications To Simulator Apps By The Terminal

I’ve mentioned a number of resources for working with push notifications like this beginner’s push notifications tutorial.

Here’s a submission from Arnaud Coomans that makes it easier to test push notifications by allowing you to easily send push notifications to your apps running in the iOS simulator without needing to use Apple’s push notification server.

The way SimulatorRemoteNotifications works is by providing a mini server within your app, and then you can easily simulate notifications by using the terminal.

Here’s an example from the readme showing how to send a sample push notification:

echo -n '{"message":"message"}' | nc -4u -w1 localhost 9930

You can find SimulatorRemoteNotifications on Github here.

A very handy library that will save you the time of setting up push notifications for testing.

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