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Free iOS Design Templates For Easy App Design With The Sketch App

I’ve shared a few design resources such as some good beginner iOS design tutorials, and free navigation bar designs.

Here’s a set of templates for designing iOS apps that I received in a submission for use with the Sketch App for Mac.  These templates include many different iOS UI design elements from different authors.

In case you haven’t heard of Sketch it is a popular design tool for Mac that you can find in the Mac App Store here.

As the Sketch description states:

Sketch is a designers’ dream toolbox. Specifically created for designers, it powers a beautiful interface and powerful tools. Tools every designer will appreciate. Here’s one feature — multiple shadows per layer. Making beautiful graphics isn’t challenging anymore. We set out to build a better app for graphic designers. Not to copy — rather to improve.

The vector tools and basic shapes are a fantastic starting point for any drawing, whether you design for web, icons, and more. Sketch has more advanced layer style options than you can dream of: multiple shadows, multiple fills, gradients, noise, blending, blur, and more. To top it off, Sketch has boolean operations to combine multiple shapes into much more complex ones — all of this is non- destructive. Forever.

And here’s an image from the readme showing some of the available elements created by Marfil:


You can find Sketch-iOS on Github here.

Some great looking templates to aid in your app design.  Thanks to Steve for the submission.