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Example: A To-Do List App Using HTML/Javascript And The Free Ratchet UI Components

Late last year I mentioned an open source project called Ratchet that provides HTML/CSS/Javascript components for quickly prototyping iOS apps.

Here’s an extensive example of a To-Do list app  from Tim Badolato that uses Ratchet for the user interface.

The To-Do list app also features an online backend utilizing Parse, and can be dropped right into an iOS Phonegap project.

Here are a couple of images of the project running on an iPhone within a Cordova (Phonegap) project:

todo-2 todo-1


You can download the Phonegap-Ratchet-Parse.Com-Todo-Example on the homepage here where you can try it out interactively within your browser.

A great example of how you can use the Ratchet project to create full apps.