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App Security Utilities – A Password Prompt Control, Encrypted Core Data Store And More

I’ve mentioned a number of resources on improving app security the most popular being tutorial on using the data protection API, and this keychain wrapper.

Here’s a set of open source projects providing components and utility libraryies for improving the security of your app submitted by Gregg Ganley called iMas.

Project iMas has more to come, and at this stage the project includes:

App Password: A user interface control you can use to present the user with a password or passcode prompt
Encrypted Core Data: A simple encrypted Core Data store.
Secure Foundation: An FIPS 140-2 (OpenSSL) compliant cryptography library.
Security Check: Library that allows you to continuously check whether the user has jailbroken their device or a debugger is attached.
Passcode Check: Allows you to check whether the device passcode has an appropriate level of complexity.

You can find iMas and download each component through the homepage here.

A nice set of projects for improving app security. Thanks to Gregg for the submission.