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Johann Dowa

A Two Column Variable Speed/Infinite Scrolling Image Display Control Inspired By The Expedia App

I’ve mentioned a great open source controls produced by Kieran Lafferty in the past for creating Evernote style file folders.

Here’s a new control from Kieran inspired by the Expedia app that allows you to create a dual column image table where each column scrolls at a relative rate to each other, and to the number of images in each column.

As the readme explains the scrolling speed is handled with two separate scroll rates:

1. The comparative scroll rate. This determines how quickly column 1 will scroll with respect to column 2. This is determined by the content height of each column.

If column 1 has a content height of 500 and column 2 has a content height of 250, then column 2 will scroll twice as fast as column 1.

2. The overall scroll rate. This speeds/slows the entire table and applies to all of the columns. This can be set by adjusting the scrollRate property on the KLScrollView instantiation.

Here’s a video showing KLScrollSelect in action:

You can find KLScrollSelect on Github here.

An interesting control for displaying images.

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