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Johann Dowa

Tutorial: Massive Collection Of Tips For Improving iOS App Performance


I’ve mentioned a number of great resources for improving iOS app performance most recently this library that allows you to time a section of objective-c code that even works classes by just specifying a start and end point for the code timing.

Here’s a large tutorial containing 25 tips that you can use to improve performance from Marcelo Fabri.

Most of these tips apply to apps developed using Objective-C, some are specific to game development, and there’s a few tips when using interface builder.

What’s great about these tips is that for each tip there’s a nice writeup showing exactly how to implement them.

As stated in the tutorial the tips include:

– Use ARC to Manage Memory
– Use a reuseIdentifier Where Appropriate
– Set Views as Opaque When Possible
– Avoid Fat XIBs
– Don’t Block the Main Thread
– Size Images to Image Views
– Choose the Correct Collection
– Enable GZIP Compression
– Reuse and Lazy Load Views
– Cache, Cache, Cache
– Consider Drawing
– Handle Memory Warnings
– Reuse Expensive Objects
– Use Sprite Sheets
– Avoid Re-Processing Data
– Choose the Right Data Format
– Set Background Images Appropriately
– Reduce Your Web Footprint
– Set the Shadow Path
– Optimize Your Table Views
– Choose Correct Data Storage Option
– Speed up Launch Time
– Use Autorelease Pool
– Cache Images – Or Not
– Avoid Date Formatters Where Possible

You can find the tutorial here.

A nice list to keep in mind if you find yourself needing to improve app performance.


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